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Life Groups

Life Groups are much like a family! Eat together, laugh together and pray together. Our groups dive deeper into our sermon series, or go through book and video-based discussions, like those in The Banquet study library. Find a Life Group that's right for you. Ready to join a Life Group?  SIGN UP HERE

Life Group | Fall Bible Study 2022

There are many reasons you may tend to avoid the book of Revelation, but come with us this Fall as we dive deep into the hope and assurance this book brings us for today and dispel all of the fear and curious notions that have revolved around this book for years. Learn to read and understand Revelation with us this year!

The Groups Ministry at Trinity exists to follow and respond to Jesus. 

We are committed to W+2.


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Journey Groups

Journey Groups are places where you discuss where you are and how you are really doing.  Growing together in the faith along The Path. Each group has a clear leader who is intentional about helping people grow. We ask each group member to commit to being part of the group. The path is up to a 2 year journey commitment. Check out the Spiritual Growth Pathway below.  Ready to get started on the Path?