Connecting people to people.

We make disciples the same way Jesus made disciples, in the context of relationships. Four key things happen in our groups at Trinity that help us become more like Jesus: community, teaching, coaching and action. We do life in community. We teach one another as we study God's Word together. We coach and encourage one another toward Jesus and we move toward action with the truths we have learned and embraced. 

How to Read the Bible for All It's Worth

Wednesdays, 6:45-8pm

Enjoy God’s Word to the fullest! Join us for our new class on Wednesday nights beginning January 15 at 6:45pm in the FLC Classroom! This class will explain the different kinds of biblical literature such as prophecy, Gospels, poetry, and history. In clear, simple language it will help you understand different parts of the Bible and their meaning for ancient audiences. You will uncover the inexhaustible worth that is in God’s Word. Class will be taught by Pastor Mark Fuller.


Journey groups

Journey groups are . . .

Personal: journey groups are places where you discuss where you are and how you are really doing. 

Led by leaders: each group has a clear leader who is intentional about helping people grow.

All-in: we ask each group member to commit to being part of the group for the year.



Groups are our way of living into the life

Jesus came to offer us.

Community groups

Community groups are . . .

Fellowship-oriented: much like a family, community groups eat together, laugh together and pray together.

Discussion-based: they discuss the previous week's sermon, or go through video-based discussions.

Open: they are a great place to see what life with God is like. 




ROOTS is a class designed to help you meet and study God's Word with other men and women at Trinity. Identical classes are held (September-May) on Tuesday mornings from 9:30-11am in the Gathering Area, and on Wednesday nights from 6:45-8pm in the Sanctuary. We would love to have you join us. All are welcome!





Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) meets twice a month (September through May) on Fridays from 9-11:30 am. While there, your children will be cared for and you will get to share what's going on in your life, use your creativity and hear teaching from the Word meant to equip you for loving your family and community. 


Our classes.

At Trinity we encourage people to see classes as supplements for time in their groups. There are five classes that make up our core, and they are offered at different times throughout the year. We encourage everyone to go through each of these classes at least once during their time at Trinity. To inquire about a particular class, contact Aaron McMillan.

Trinity 101

Helps people connect, commit and contribute to Trinity. 

Backstage Pass to the Bible

How to get more out of studying the Bible.

Life with God

Discusses spiritual disciplines, discipleship basics and life on mission.

The Essentials

Goes over basic, foundational theology.

The Why

Breaks down what it looks like to view the world through a Christ-oriented lens. 


We would be happy to answer them.