vision & values

Our Mission

What We Strive For

To disciple a new generation of Christians hungry for renewal, connected in authentic community, integrated in faith and life, equipped and empowered to lead.

Our Vision

What We Set Our Eyes On

We exist to help people come alive with Jesus, grow with Jesus, and change the world with Jesus. 

Our Values




Our World Revolves Around Jesus

From our Sunday preaching God's Word, to our mission, and in all that we do... we aim to have Jesus in the middle of it all. 

Our Church is Better Together

We welcome and love everyone who joins us in our multi-generational community at Trinity. We believe that no matter who you are, life is truly better when it's lived out together.

Open to Jesus’ Change

We strive to continually say 'yes' to the invitation to follow Jesus. As disciples of Jesus, we look for opportunities to be transformed by the grace and truth of Christ.




The Gospel Isn’t Just for Us

Being biblical witnesses and showing hospitality are a way of life for us at Trinity. We believe Jesus' amazing story needs to be shared all the way from our neighbors down the street to ministry partners around the world. 

We Openly Express Jesus
in Our Everyday Life

We are bold in bringing God's kingdom to the world. As disciples of Jesus, it's important that we constantly search to learn and discover who Jesus is while living and walking in the Holy Spirit. 

We Are Irrationally Generous
Because of God’s Grace

For over 40 years, we have been united in the giving of our time, treasure, and talents because of our conviction that Jesus loved us first.

Discipleship is our one thing...

But how do we get there?

We call it W+2:  Worship, Groups, Serve
We believe that if we gather together to worship, meet in groups for fellowship and growth, and serve in our community together, that is when we will best reflect God's glory.