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Welcome to Trinity Preschool

Welcome to
Trinity Preschool

10101 Ann Arbor Rd W. Plymouth, MI 48170


We aim to provide a Christian environment that will nurture and exercise a child's mind, body, and spirit, and support and encourage parents in the development of their children.

Learn more about our Plymouth preschool programs for children ages three, four, and five!


We base our philosophy on the image of exercising a child's mind, body, and spirit from a Christian perspective.

A Child's Mind

We believe that the children in our care should have time when they can choose between activities that will stretch their abilities to think, reason, and express themselves.  Each child is unique and should be encouraged to achieve their goals. We do not encourage comparison between children but rather we teach them to cooperate and help one another.

A Child's Body

We believe in providing an environment that encourages a child to play with a wide assortment of toys.  Children need time in large muscle play, small muscle play, and imaginative play.  With this in mind, we believe in providing time for exploration in each of these areas during the day.

A Child's Spirit

We believe that the Bible is God's Word and that its teachings apply to today's family.  We incorporate the teaching of Christian values into every aspect of our program.  We will strive to nurture the child's spiritual development, encouraging them to become a Christ-centered individual.

We believe in positive methods of discipline.  We seek to nurture a sense of respect for self, others, and property in each child.

We believe that the parent is the most important individual in a child's life.  We believe that parents should be actively involved in their child's care. We believe that with communication and openness, any issues can be resolved to the parent's satisfaction as well as ours.

Family Testimonials

"Our children receive Christ-centered, whole-person, play-based education from a warm and loving staff.  Trinity Preschool is like a secret goldmine we all want to keep hidden. "

Dana and Allan
 South Lyon, MI

Family Testimonials

"Need a Young 5's Program!? Trinity's got it!"

Jessica S.
Canton, MI

Family Testimonials

"It's recess school!"

Monroe, age 4

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Contact Us

We'd love to hear from you. Fill out the form below to get started.