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So many people want to know God or to be close to God - but aren't sure how that's even supposed to work. Leviticus - often thought to be a dry, dusty, boring old book - is written to tell us that God DOES want to be near to us AND God has made a way for that to happen! This series, based on Leviticus 1-7, teaches us how to understand and love God - and to experience His presence in our life in ways we never thought possible! 

As we study the book of Leviticus together, here are some resources that will help you get more from this series: 


Jesus doesn’t just give us a new life. He gives us a new family. He asks us to do life together. Join us the next four weeks at Trinity as we take a closer look at how the Gospel changes our most significant relationships. We’ll be looking at: Husbands & Wives, Parents & Children, and Workers & Bosses. Join us Sunday mornings at 9am and 10:30am.

God Is ...

Dr. Paul Mpindi

June 24, 2018