• Lead Pastor

    Mark Fuller

    Mark earned his Master of Divinity from Denver Seminary, his Master's in Engineering Science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and his Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Michigan. He and his wife Denise have three kids, and after over twenty years of kids in the house, they are enjoying an empty nest. While they were dating at U of M, he and Denise attended Trinity for a year. He never dreamed he'd end up as a pastor at the very same church. His favorite thing about Trinity he says is, "Grace". The people here have a spirit of generous grace that permeates how we love our community, how we welcome newcomers, how we interact with one another and how we love our pastors and staff. I thank God every day for the blessing of this church family."


  • Assistant Pastor

    Aaron McMillan

    Aaron and his wife Amy have four kids and two Labradors. Aaron attended Memphis Theological Seminary and Denver Theological Seminary after receiving his Bachelor's degree in Communications from Mississippi College.  He loves adventure, and thinks people are amazing. Aaron says that, "Trinity is one of those rare places where people are as passionate about Jesus as they are humble about themselves and generous towards others."


  • Director of Worship Arts and Pastoral Care Director

    Scotty Gulledge

    Scotty and his wife, Rachel, have two crazy-talented sons and two terrific daughters-in-law. He received his Bachelor's degree in Music and Christian Education from Southern Wesleyan University, and his Master's in Music from Asbury Theological Seminary. He has been an Ordained Minister in the Wesleyan Church since 1992. Scotty loves good coffee, and enjoys adventure vacations and motorcycle road trips with friends. His favorite thing about Trinity is that it believes wholeheartedly in the process and growth in life.


  • Director of Children's Ministries

    Carrie Cornell

    Bio coming soon! 


  • Director of Student Ministries

    Alex Walton

    Alex and his wife Laura have two daughters. He received his Bachelor's degree in Theology from the University of Wales, and a Master's of Philosophy in Missiology from the University of Birmingham (UK). Alex met Laura in Sofia, Bulgaria, and was born in England. Despite being tone deaf, Alex once sang the national anthem as part of an acapella group on live TV to 6 million people. Alex says his favorite thing about Trinity is, "Trinity has a special way of taking people from lots of backgrounds and uniting them in a common mission and purpose. As a church we know our shared story is unifying."


  • Assistant Director of Student Ministries

    Bre Saagman

    Bre and her husband Matt have two hyper but cuddly dogs. She is a PCA grad, and studied at Taylor University, receiving an English Literature degree. Bre loves fantasy novels, and is addicted to rearranging furniture. She adores movie quotes, the outdoors, spontaneous get-togethers and clever banter of all kinds. Her favorite thing about Trinity is the close-knit environment. She loves the history of the people in Trinity, and being able to talk freely with a great grandparent or a new mom, knowing they will be supportive, vulnerable and grace-filled. 


  • Accountant

    Mike Belonga

    Mike and his wife Cynthia have two grown children and five grandchildren. He earned his Bachelor's degree from University of Michigan, and his Master's from Kettering University. Mike has been a member of Trinity since 1985, and enjoys traveling to sight-see and connect with his grandkids. His favorite thing about Trinity is that he can experience God's grace and love through worship, Bible study, fellowship groups and service. 


  • Administrative Assistant to Lead Pastor and

    Administrative Assistant to Executive Director

    Jill Gregory

    Jill and her husband David have four kids. She studied at Eastern Michigan University and received her Bachelor's degree in Human Resources Management. She also found a T-Rex vertebrae while on a dig in Montana with the Creation Museum. Jill writes a blog about her daughter who has severe autism, and her favorite thing about Trinity is the way it shows love to the community.


  • Administrative Assistant and Data Entry Coordinator

    Evelyn Dicola

    Evelyn and her husband, Kevin, have 2 active teenage sons and life for them is pretty busy. They love to watch their sons Cameron and Gabriel doing what they love to do most - wrestling and playing baseball. She loves to do house projects and re-purposing items with her husband. Evelyn earned her Associates Degree from Spring Arbor University. She grew up camping, and loves camping to this day so she's a natural at organizing Trinity's annual Camping Weekend. What Evelyn loves most about Trinity is how welcome she feels as well as the how the youth group provides a fun, and inviting atmosphere for her boys.


  • Administrative Assistant to Worship Arts Director

    Debbie Beaudoin

    Debbie and her husband Jason have two boys. She received her Ph.D and Bachelor's degree in Physics from Oakland University. She met her husband in Physics Club while at Oakland, and her family has a rich history of serving in the church – one grandfather was a Presbyterian minister, the other was a church choir director, and one grandmother was a church organist. In addition, all of her grandparents, parents, and siblings have been involved in music ministry at their churches! Her favorite thing about Trinity is the people, and knowing many people have grown up in Trinity. 


  • Communications Administrator

    and Administrative Assistant to Outreach Director

    Michelle Lawson

    Michelle and her husband, Brad, have one teenage son, Dale. She is self-taught in her computer knowledge and enjoys a challenge in learning more. She is an animal lover, having once owned a pet duck (that took car rides with her), and a hairless guinea pig named Stanley. She also proudly hails from Kalamazoo and loves all things Lake Michigan but her biggest love is the Florida Keys. Her favorite thing about Trinity is that it feels like family.


  • Community Life Program Coordinator

    Julie Pugh

    Julie earned her Bachelor's degree in Business at Taylor University. She and her husband Bob have four grown children and one grandson, and all of her sons picked girls who have fathers named Mike. She believes that cake is a food group, and her favorite part of Trinity is people like you - the people God brings together to be part of the Trinity family. 


  • Administrative Assistant to Assistant Pastor and Administrative Assistant to Children's Ministry Director

    Melisa Burnham

    Melisa and her husband Jeff have three children. They live on a mini farm with a rabbit, dog, 39 chickens, 2 guineas, 2 ducks, 2 turkeys, 480,000 bees and whatever other animals or children that happen to find their way to the house. Melisa earned her Bachelor's degree in Speech and Rhetoric, with a minor in Mass Communications from Indiana University. Her favorite thing about Trinity is the Trinity family and all the support, kindness, and encouragement they provide.


More of our team.

Custodian and Director of Operations

Rich Sullivan


Heather Zettelmaier

Choir Director

Debra Brousseau